‘Honesty. Integrity. Accuracy.’ 


I’m a thirty-something-year-old with a passion for travel, photography and all things vintage.

In terms of travel I love seeking out places of historic importance and outstanding natural beauty. I try to absorb myself in these places, the culture and atmosphere to soak up every last drop. As of Oct 2017, my most recent trips include a 3,500+ mile drive around Europe in a tiny Volkswagen, a journey around Japan and the gorgeous Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Vinyl LP – one part of the analogue life.

I own and regularly use such items as a rotary (spin dial) telephone, a vinyl record player and several vintage 35mm/120 film cameras. (Disclaimer: In the spirit of full honesty you will find photographs on this website taken with a compact digital Panasonic). I love books. You know, traditional books made of paper. I love reading my daily print copy newspaper. I love, and wear, only mechanical timepieces – and positively adore mechanical clocks. I do not own a smartphone (nor would I thank you for one)!

This is the analogue lifestyle and I set up Analogue John to share these passions with you. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting and enjoyable. Perhaps even useful!

Aside from the analogue lifestyle, I have a keen interest in religion. I’ve spent some time visiting and staying in Buddhist temples (in the UK & Japan). I find the teachings of the Buddha fascinating, they strike a chord with me and I try to abide by them. I’m also becoming a fairly regular Church goer (it’s more fun and interesting than you might think) as my mind constantly grapples with life’s “big questions.”

I have a Bachelor of the Arts in Sociology, Technology & Society. I’m married and work full-time.

My Principles 

My underpinning principles are honesty, integrity and accuracy. I want this to be a blog you can trust.




Welcome and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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The Boring Stuff:

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