Flying to Kraków – Human Kindness & Selfishness

My fiancée and I set off for Kraków from Edinburgh with EasyJet on Sunday morning. The Airbus roared along the runway and rotated smoothly into the beautiful clear blue spring sky. We had no inclination of the slight, at least for us, drama that would unfold as we cruised at 37,000ft over the Skies of Southern Germany.

The first sign all was not well was when the cabin crew gathered around an older man, around seventy years of age, and there were hushed cries of “oxygen, get the oxygen!” A nurse in the row opposite made herself known, leaving her partner alone for the remainder of the flight. With the assistance of the cabin crew she assessed his condition. There was talk of diverting to allow him to receive emergency medical attention. Fifteen minutes later his condition had improved a little, the nurse calmly informing the cabin crew he’d had a suspected TIA (mini stroke).

Around half an hour ahead of schedule the flight landed at Kraków. All passengers were requested to remain in their seat to allow ambulance crew on board to attend to the male that had taken ill. Despite this one male, only a couple of rows in front of the incident in progress, was determined to stand up and get his bags from the overhead locker. He was told to get back in his seat, in both Polish and English. However, he quickly got back to his feet and attempted to push past two paramedics who were treating their patient. I was slightly taken aback by the rude audaciousness of this person, who seemed determined at all costs to escape the pressurised metal tube we’d all been in for around two-and-a-half hours.

“Can you no wait five minutes for goodness sake?! A man’s no well! How bloody selfish!” came the shout in a typically Glasweigan accent from the unknown woman sitting next to me.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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